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Artist Biography

I've heard I've heard it said, “Everyone has a song.” It is my hope that my jewelry reminds you of this and helps you to find, and sing—your own song.

For most of my life, I've been a professional singer-songwriter. I've been making beaded jewelry all my life and, at the suggestion of a friend, I began selling some it at my shows. Almost instantly, folks were drawn to the pieces I made, so I just kept making more. Finally, I created my own line, The Stefanie Fix Collection. A couple of years after that I began to study and learn metal fabrication.


Making jewelry has taken me to places—both spiritually and creatively—I had never imagined before. I love making jewelry for people! I love seeing which pieces you are drawn to because it helps me learn something about who you are.


I look forward to hearing from you. This has been quite an adventure so far and I can't wait to see where it takes us next.

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Artists Statement

The artistic evolution from wordsmith to metalsmith has been organic and liberating..

I’ve learned that designing jewelry is very much like following a melody. Metal is full of music—it’s organic and whole, but when pulled from the earth, it can be transformed, evoking emotion, singing a song that resonates deeply with the wearer. 


I work primarily in sterling silver and copper with a special love for turquoise. My creative process is intuitive, as is my songwriting. It is easy to get lost in creation, and nothing is more gratifying than allowing the metal and stones to take me in a wholly different direction than I had planned.  

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