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Abstract Guitar Pendant in a Pablo Picasso inspired design. Made of sterling silver and Montana Agate. Hand fabricated in my home studio in Austin, Texas, USA.

When I first finished this piece I called it the Picasso guitar. The minimualism of the lines and textures that reveal just enough to see the image,  reminds me of Picasso.


I designed this Montana Agate and sterling silver pendant with the intent of keeping a little mystery, since there's mystery in the power of music. With this piece once you see it, (the guitar), you can't not see it. But, you kind of have to know it's there, or be looking for it, before you see it.Music can sometimes work that way too. That sound, or tone, or word you never heard, till one day, you hear it. Then suddenly you can't not hear it. This is hand crafted by me and one of kind. It's also hand stamped with my signature S | F | X stamp.

The pendant is strung on a 21" inch sterling silver chain with an oval swivel clasp. The chain has the look of a heavy chain but is actually fairly light weight so it's sturdy but comfortable at the same time. The pendant is approximately 1.25" inches high and approximately 1" inch wide. This piece combines the cool of rock & roll with the class of uptown jazz.

This piece comes with Free 1st Class Shipping [US domestic only]
All my pieces come packaged in a custom logo juke sack as shown in the last photo.

Abstract Guitar Pendant

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