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A new addition to the "Animals" collection. The Black Panther evokes strength and survival, cunning and resourcefulness. I started the animal line with the hope of helping people to re-connect through animals to the natural world. The more we connect, literally and spiritually, the more hope there is of rectify the damage we have done.  My hope is that theses piece will remind you of your connection and remind you of the strength, resilgence, goodness and nobility you possess. 


This pendant is made of Sterling Silver with (a 3mm)  lab-grown sapphire . I hand saw the panther design and then layer it on top another piece of sterling silver. It's approximately, 1-3/4" [inches] high and just under 1" [inch] wide. It is signature and number stamped. At the moment I have two made.It's available with or without the foxtail chain which is 20" [inches] long. 


If you're interested in a custom order of this design with another stone or as a bracelet. Please message me. 



Black Panther Pendant-Sterling Silver & Sapphire

PriceFrom $300.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
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