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70's Rockstar Style Bracelet for Men. This bracelet is made of Sterling Silver and Bronze with AAA grade Labradorite as it's center piece and genuine Turquoise with my hand stamped trade mark S | F | X . Handmade in my home studio in Austin, Texas.

This is definitely a statement piece. The design was inspired by a photo I was sent from a customer, of a bracelet Robert Plant was wearing from the way back. Of course, this doesn't really look like that bracelet but it was inspired by it. The hammered sterling portions are 1" inch wide, At the center, the bronze portion, where the labradorite sits is just under 1 and 1/2" inches wide. The bracelet is 6" inches from end to end and should fit comfortably in 7" to 8.25" inch wrist. I only have one of these made and I haven't decided whether I'm going to make another. 

I hammered the sterling silver portion to reflect the notion of feathers, ala, "Hammer of the Gods" taking flight. The labradorite has depth and mystery. It's like a prism with different points of light picking up different colors. When you gaze at it, no two angles look exactly the same. The turquoise on both sides is like the earth that grounds the tides and the moon. While this piece touches on the notions of mystery and spirit, I wanted to maintain a slightly rough, rustic feel. Allowing for slight blemishes and imperfections. This bracelet is made for the man that is ever curious. The kind of man who often is more interested in discovering the right question rather than knowing the right answer.

This piece comes with FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING [US domestic only]

All my pieces come packaged in a juke sack as shown in the last picture. Please note that the color and texture of the juke sacks may vary slightly.

Labradorite, Turquoise, Bronze, & Silver Cuff

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