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Mens Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Fill with my custom signature brand stamp S | F | X . Strung on a 18” or 20” Sterling Silver Wheat chain. All hand forged in my home studio in Austin, Texas, USA.


Medium Size = 18 Inches.

Large Size = 20 Inches.

The back plate of this cross pendant is Sterling Silver. It's 25mm x 10mm and the Cross and and bail are 14K Gold filled. I make each one separately by hand in my home studio. Choose an 18” chain or 20” chain.I've created a line of religious symbol pendants. I wanted them all to have a biblical feel with a simple streamline, modern style. Perhaps to symbolically bridge the old world to the new world. I wanted a pendant that spoke to both the spiritual/religious reference, but also something that looks and feels a little rustic, Adding a grounded elements that represents the challenges and gifts, that are all a part of the human experience. I hope that's what I've achieved with this line of pendants. This item comes with FREE 1st CLASS SHIPPING [US DOMESTIC ONLY]All my pieces come packed in a juke sack as shown in the last photo. Please note that the color and texture of the juke sake may vary slightly in both texture and color.

Cross Necklace

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