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Crescent Moon Islam Pendant in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Fill with my custom signature brand stamp S | F | X . Strung on an 18” or 20” Sterling Silver Wheat chain. All hand forged in my home studio in Austin, Texas, USA.


Medium Size = 18 Inches.

Large Size = 20 Inches.The back plate of this pendant is 14 Karat Gold Fill and the hand cut Crescent Moon and star, along with the bail are Sterling Silver. It's 25mm x 10mm I make each one of these necklaces separately which I cut and hand forge in my home studio. Choose n 18” chain or 20” wheat chain. If you need this in all Sterling Silver, [and no gold] please let me know, and (with a little lead time), I can make it for you.I've created a line of religious symbol pendants. I wanted them all to have a biblical feel with a simple streamline, modern style. Perhaps to symbolically bridge the old world to the new world. I wanted a pendant that spoke to both the spiritual/religious reference, but also something that looks and feels a little rustic, Adding a grounded elements that represents the challenges and gifts, that are all a part of the human experience.I hope that's what I've achieved with this line of pendants.The item comes with FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING [US DOMESTIC ONLY].

All my pieces come packed in a juke sack as shown in the last photo. Please note that the color and texture of the juke sake may vary slightly in both texture and color.

Symbol of Islam Necklace

PriceFrom $189.00
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